iPhone Care plan (Per month cost)

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iPhone Care plan (Per month cost)

Item description

You are able to purchase this plan for items on the my gizmoz website and off of the website .Its simple you send it in and we fix it and send you your item back.period.


These are the terms.You must co-operate in order for us to fix it properly.You must register your item or items on the website by purchaseing your item registeration at http://mygizmoz.com/smart-phone-registration/ .This a monthly charge.


What are your benefits.

-We replace all items with Guerrilla glass upon request only.(Cost extra but not much.)

-You get 5% off site wide on your accessories permanently or it will be rebated to your account

-You are also able to be in our exclusive program which allows you to turn in your old item's for a cash balance on our website no matter the condition.You must give us a call or email use or contact us period in order for the transaction of these items to go smoothly.

-You will get a technician on call or text to personally help you with anything software,troubleshooting, and hardware wise.(24/7 practically)

-You will be able to send in the product and we will fix it no questions asked.You must pay shipping to us in order for this to go smotthly we pay for shipping back.We credit half of the shipping back to your account here or any my gizmoz network company.

-If we are not able to fix it we will replace it with something equal or lesser value of your choose.Or credit it to your account.


We will not allow you to fix it unless you been a registered user with a appropriate care plan for at least 90 days.With that product registered at least for for that go to   for a plan that is right for you to fix a item right away.Thank you.